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Shelf Edge Labels & Tags

As a leading producer of custom pre-printed shelf labels, ASG Services provide all types of companies, from small scale location identification systems to the colossal fulfilment centers of often over a million slots labels.

Polyester is our recommended material for high performance warehouse shelf labels, the same as we use in our renowned pallet rack labels. Durability and scan verification’s are notoriously good when using polyester.

Shelf Labels


Shelf Label Design


All of ASG Services products are designed to meet the needs and requirements of our customer, making each one distinctive from the next.

Due to the size shelf tags must be, the design and layouts are limited, however our production department come up with some unique ideas and often achieve the unexpected. Using mono and full color high definition print, our products are of high performance and durability.

Shelf tags, inserts and other label types may contain barcode, alpha, numeric and alphanumeric combinations, thanks in part to our specialist software which is capable of handling mass variable data through multi field designs.

Layouts can be altered to suit the customer.


Metal Shelf Labels Pick Module Labels



Production Methods

ASG Services invest in the latest production technology to produce the highest definition barcodes available, with mono and full color print capabilities. In addition, we are also able to produce extremely cost effective options which are ideal for huge pick modules where quantities are upwards of 400,000 shelf labels.

Along with polyester material used in production, we also offer card as a low cost option which are perfect for customers using label holders. Polyester is a much more stable material which means the barcode will not distort over time. Laminate coatings can be applied, further improving their performance and durability, but for the ultimate durability, many customers like ASG Services plastic shelf tags.

Plastic shelf tags are a composite construction, designed to withstand high impacts and abrasion. They are particularly suitable for shelf location ID where carts and trolleys are likely to impact the shelf edges during picking and general movements.


Shelf Tags


Supply Format

Warehouse shelf labels are supplied as either singles or on rolls, often the choice is down to preference during installation. Rolls are very good for safe and secure storage as well as giving more control during installation. Plastic tags are only available in singles. Customers ordering without installation services should consider the management of the application process carefully to avoid costly errors and missing product.


Shelf and Bin Labels


Shelving Labels


Professional Shelf Labeling Installers.


Our largest so far has been 670,000 shelf tags in one facility. This took considerable planning, thorough quality checks during the process and strong communications between our team and the customer.  The project was a great success and the facility has become a valued customer, ordering other products from ASG Services.

If you are interested in these services and would like to read more about our storage location data management warehouse label designs or installation services, please do, or feel free to call us on (877) 447-9798.


Warehouse Labeling Installation


Prefer to buy online?


ASG Services offer the unique service of enabling customers to cut out the account set-up and design/proofing stage of an order.  We have selected a range of common sizes and layouts which can be selected in small or large volumes, with quantity discounting included.

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Start Your Location Data File

Download this location data file and submit your shelf label content ready to go.

Shelf Label Location Data

Warehouse Labels Warehouse Labels

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Laminated Location Labels Laminated Location Labels

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Polyester Location Labels Polyester Location Labels

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Magnetic Barcode Labels Magnetic Barcode Labels

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