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Variable Image Labels

Our variable content labels are produced from high performance and durable materials for use in manufacturing, storage and distribution centers.

Label content could include:

  • Logos and graphics,
  • Images,
  • Descriptions,
  • Part numbers,
  • Storage location references,
  • Bar codes for all data sets, and
  • Unlimited color options.

ASG Services specialize in short run variable data printing. You can expect a fast response to your order being place, designs being proofed and production being completed.

Our competitive pricing through material efficiency is a major advantage for any customers looking for frequent orders.

Variable Image Labels


Custom Design

Years of providing a first class service in producing industrial grade barcode labels for location and product identification means our products are ideal for manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, beverage as well as other customer facing industry groups.

ASG’s design team can provide simple layouts for best user experience, or more appealing layouts to help incorporate branding and clarity.

Detailed design, proofing, and pre-production quality checks ensure customer requirements are met before production and delivery takes place, giving us and you peace of mind.


Product Shelf Labels





We utilize the latest print and production technologies to provide all levels of label product grades which allow us to offer the most appropriate product and price to suit our customer needs.

We can also offer recommendations which improve usability, durability and application benefits for differing environments, so if you have specific needs and ideas, please feel free to call and discuss it with us.  Our repeat customers have become friends, thanks to how closely we work with them to achieve their objectives.





Contact us with your variable image label questions, specifications and ideas and we can begin exploring the best fit product for you as well as getting some designs together.

Product Inventory Labels

Frequently asked questions
  • What sizes do you offer?

    Any size you need. Every order we fulfill is customized, so you can specify a size, and we will provide the product as needed.

  • Why use color?

    It is true that location labels do not need color to work, but we recommend color to help the users identify key location information quicker. Color is know to improve speed of identification, to read more visit our warehouse color coding article.

    Color identification may be used as a level indicator on racking where each level in a rack bay has a unique color, so as the operative looks up, they can distinguish the level quickly and shorten their reading time.  It can also be used as a zone identifier particularly with bulk storage floor locations, aisle groups in racking and shelving is another.

    Another well represented use of color is with warehouse striping for staging lanes, bulk storage bays and walkways.  See our warehouse striping page for more information.

    Some customers use it for aesthetics for their in-house branding.

  • Which barcode is best?

    The barcode you choose to use is dependent on your location or product reference data requirements.

    Although we are able to produce almost any barcode type you require, Code 128 is by far the most requested by the storage and logistics industry. This is impart due to the range of characters which can be used (128), being all digits, characters and punctuation and because of its data to size percentage, lots of data can be stored in this narrow width barcode.

    Code 39 is the next most popular, which is less useful in terms of characters it can encode, but it is great for its simplicity and ease of scanning capabilities. This is often used with operations handling product specific references and a need to work quickly.

    More recently we have been asked for DataMatrix and QR Codes which can contain huge amounts of data compared to linear barcodes.

  • I have a design already, can you copy it?

    Yes, if we have a sample or measurements and a good image we can copy your label almost exactly.

Call us

Call us on (877) 447-9798 to discuss your ideas and check the possibilities. We can be creative with design and provide some great solutions.

Prefer to email?

Send the questions and we'll answer them with all the information we can provide, even better, you can send us images of ideas you might have.

Need samples?

We can send samples of the various material types available which we can produce variable image labels on, so you can choose the best for your application.

Pallet Rack Location Labels Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility.

Shelf Edge Labels & Tags Shelf Edge Labels & Tags

As specialist manufacturers of warehouse labels, ASG Services have developed their shelf edge labels to be hardwearing yet small enough to be applied to industrial and retail shelf edges.

Label Holders Label Holders

Location labeling becomes more versatile with warehouse label holders, shelf edges and rack beam faces remain free from adhesive build, paper-adhesive, residue and handwritten references, created because adhesive labels no longer stick.

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Our online store provides customers with the opportunity to purchase standardized products. The same technology, production and quality control methods are used, so you can be assured of their performance and durability.

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