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Warehouse Labeling

Initial Consultations


The variables involved in labeling a warehouse are wide-ranging, which is why companies turn to the likes of ASG Services for warehouse labeling. We help large and small organizations throughout the US, and start our conversations with the intention of thoroughly understanding the operational requirements and expectations.

Our technical sales team will consider your layout, storage structures, number systems, as well as any pre-existing formats, to create recommendations and proposals which are best for you and the most cost-effective. This often begins the in-depth tailored approach.

Decades of experience in warehouse labeling and project installations allows us to build a platform of product performance, label design, positional layouts on the racks, as well as initial scope of installation progress scheduling.

Rack Label Installers

Each type of warehouse label is used for something specific. We create different layout designs to help the user see and understand the label design concept. Easy and clear readability is essential, which also ensures the barcode is easy to scan on the first attempt. We understand the consequence of delays, no matter how small, and work to help minimize them.

Some customers already have preferred label designs, others ask for recommendations. ASG Services’ design team is fully aware and competent of handling your requests, without incremental costs. Your labels will always be custom designed for you.

Label positioning on the rack is determined by customer preference, the type of rack or shelf used, and label size needed, based on content requirement. In all our warehouse labeling projects, we like to offer best practice advice which we know works for most of our customers. We also understand budget restrictions mean some customers must make allowances, for which we can also help and provide advice on, with material choices, layout changes, etc.

Early discussions regarding dates are very important at this stage to help with our production planning and installation scheduling.

We offer advice to all customers working on a warehouse labeling project, however when ASG Services are chosen as the partner to handle a project, the discussion is far more detailed, exposing hidden obstacles, and unforeseen errors.

Cantilever Rack Labels


Label Design and Installation Planning


The design and planning stage is where our production and project departments become involved and the full complement of ASG Services capabilities are experienced.

Warehouse label designs are put into the proofing stage, where the customer can further alter but also test in practice. Customers may also request actual samples or prototypes, so they have something tangible before final sign off.

During this process, ASG Services technical team will also, if required, be working on the warehouse labeling location file. Most customers will provide ASG Services with a complete inventory of labels required, while others may need a location file to be created, based on a rack drawings. This is relatively straight forward for our team. To start your own and to prepare it for ASG’s team, use our template here:

Rack Label Location Data Template

Rack Label Location Data Template

Rack Label Designs

Once all is signed off and cleared for production, the warehouse labeling project team will also have final discussions with production to determine the sequence and agenda, so the labels are run in-line with the installation schedule.

Rack labeling installations are sequenced on a per day basis. Customers are made aware of achievable quantities per day, and therefore when they can expect sections of their racking to become available for use. Once this schedule is agreed both parties, we work in unison to achieve a successful completion.


Rack Labeling Rack Location Labels


Rack Label Position


Warehouse Labeling Installation Management


The proposal and planning work which goes into our warehouse labeling projects dictate the proceedings for the installation phase. The project management team hands over all information and products needed, to the installation manager and assistants, with a complete run down of details.

On the first day, there will be a scouting session where the installation team becomes familiar with the site, attends inductions, and prepares to start. It is during this stage that a final clearance is required from the customer of positioning, start points, etc.

During the first and second day, metrics are taken by the warehouse labeling installation team and reported back to our head office. Here the project teams make calculations and checks to ensure all is running to plan. It may occur that the customer was unable to give a pre-agreed area, but the team has made up for this delay elsewhere. This can be identified, and the installation reprogrammed accordingly.

You can read more here, about our labeling installation projects and related information.

Rack Numbering System

Warehouse Labeling Installation


Most communication between the customer and ASG Services during a warehouse labeling installation will be with the installation team. However, the project teams are always in contact and available to address questions or concerns as well as to update on any changes.

The completion phase often comes earlier than initially planned, thanks to the installation team’s and the customer’s relationship and the understanding that develops, however it is never taken for granted on warehouse labeling installations.


ASG Installation Services ASG Installation Services

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Warehouse Labels Warehouse Labels

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Frequently asked questions
  • If you install the labels, what assurances can I expect?
    • Every label will be in the correct place.
    • Labels applied to the rack or shelf in a consistent manor for a uniform presentation.
    • If you have missed information from your location references, our teams will report back to ensure they are made and on site before the facility goes live, and hopefully applied before we leave site.
    • Barcode and content accuracy.
    • Barcode performance and verification guaranteed as an additional service.
  • What design or layout should I use?

    The options are endless, so it really comes down to the information you want or need to provide. Also the space available, your budget and how easy you want to make location identification for your team all play an important part.

    Rack Label Names

    To save time reading 2000 words on label design call us on (877) 447-9798, to discuss your situation.  We can recommend a best solution and fit for your needs.

    Visit our warehouse labeling pages for more information or our online store where you can purchase online.

  • What do you need to provide me with a quote?

    Quantities, sizes, location, aisle widths, beam heights, building operation status, start date and a thorough conversation so we understand exactly what you are hoping to receive from us and to achieve from using a company like ASG Services.

  • Do you carry out installations in new buildings?

    Yes, in small and large buildings.  We are very experienced in working around other contractors on new builds and carefully plan with the customer and main contractors to achieve a completed installation.

  • Do you carry out sign installations in existing facilities?

    Yes, this is a specialty of ASG Services. Working in and around a fully operational distribution center can be daunting, not to mention it having a significant impact on productivity. Our teams are very experienced in how to work within these facilities and appreciate that the customers work ultimately comes first.

Still not sure? Call us.

Feel free to call us on (877) 447-9798, and find answers to the questions which slowing your progress. We are happy to help.

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Pallet Rack Location Labels Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility.

Multi-Level Rack Labels Multi-Level Rack Labels

Multi-level rack labels are designed to contain and present information for several locations, usually in the vertical stack, and there are several names for them.

Cold Storage Labels Cold Storage Labels

ASG Services have worked closely with adhesive manufacturers and users of industrial freezer storage facilities to produce a unique cold store rack label which can be applied at -20oF.

Magnetic Rack Labels Magnetic Rack Labels

The most reusable warehouse tag available is a magnetic rack label. They can be applied at almost any temperature, removed without mess or scraping, be reapplied without peeling and makes your location numbering system as dynamic as the rest of your operation.

Retro Reflective Labels Retro Reflective Labels

Retro reflective pallet rack labels used on high level rack beams are a specialist product which help facility operatives scan barcodes from the floor which can save time and access equipment needs.

Rack Label Cover Up Rack Label Cover Up

Label cover-up solutions for rack and shelf labels are the most cost-effective method of handling beam revitalization and system update projects.

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