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Pallet Rack Location Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, content, colors, material and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in your facility. At ASG Services, we design mono and full color layouts for print. Color rack location labels are used to help differentiate racking levels, storage zones and in some cases, product groups.

We work closely with customers to establish the best design and content to suit their needs. Often customers will have a predetermined design, others can draw from our experience and archive for a custom design.

Read more about our storage location data management.

Specialist software developed to handle mass variable data in multi field designs, making it possible for us to print high definition barcodes, alpha, numeric and alphanumeric content with ease.

Rack Labels

Freezer Labeling

We utilize the latest print technology to create our rack labels. At ASG we believe a high performing barcode is critical to meeting the demands of the fast moving industry they are used in. Barcode scanners have vastly improved in the past 10 years and will now scan most qualities of barcode, however not all facilities have the latest technology and performance. Regardless of technology, we uphold our policies on quality and performance and produce the very best pallet location labels possible.

Advanced materials in label production are important for industrial use, ASG’s polyester rack labels are among the toughest available thanks to the characteristics of polyester. We find they can withstand more impacts than any other base material. In addition, we also apply a protective coating to help shield and protect the print as well as making a slightly thicker and tougher tag. The laminate coating is also high grade polyester.


The key performance benefits of the materials we use:

  • Polyester – An extremely strong and stable material retaining original profile, therefore print clarity and deflection is beyond almost any other, which is perfect for barcode labels.
  • 3M Retro Reflective – Returns a far greater amount of light to the source allowing barcode readers to detect bars from much greater distances, there labels can be placed on high beams for example.
  • Plastic Composite – A formation of several layers to create a rigid label which integrates the print for protection, is much harder wearing and combined with specialist adhesives, idea for cold and harsh environments.

Split Base Rack Label

Our variations can be applied to most materials such as metals, rigid rubber, plastic, smooth wood and concrete.  Backings include clear, magnetic and self adhesive with some thicker adhesives used for rough surfaces.

Most rack labels can be produced as singles or on rolls. The way they are presented is entirely up to the customer, some prefer to have all labels on a roll which can prevent them being mishandled, others prefer singles as it is often easier to install them.


Racking Label Install


Project managed installation services

ASG Services is renowned for its installation project management services.

We provide professional, fully managed and insured installation teams throughout the USA, who install location identification products on a daily basis. Their attention to detail and understanding of warehouse location number sequences is essential in achieving the volume and accuracy they are capable of.

All types of warehouse location labels are installed, including those designed for cold store, multi-level,  magnetic, weight capacity, reflective and flue space indication.

We invite you to contact us and start your project discussions early. The more information we can share the better, such as considerations regarding your racking layout, location numbering convention and any operational restrictions.

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Rack Label Installers

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Polyester Location Labels Polyester Location Labels

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Laminated Location Labels Laminated Location Labels

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Upright Location Labels Upright Location Labels

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Cold Store Beam Labels Cold Store Beam Labels

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ASG Installation Services ASG Installation Services

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Frequently asked questions
  • What sizes do you offer?

    Any size you need. Every order we fulfill is customized, so you can specify a size, and we will provide the product as needed.

  • What designs can you create?

    We are not a graphic design studio but we are capable of designing any label layout required. Variable content data and multi field options are possible, our only restriction on the number of barcodes and characters is the size of label you request. We will always suggest a size which best suits your requirements.

  • Is color more expensive?

    Yes, simply because the raw materials we need to create color labels are more expensive, however once an order is over a certain size, the extra cost becomes negligible.

  • Why use color?

    It is true that location labels do not need color to work, but we recommend color to help the users identify key location information quicker. Color is know to improve speed of identification, to read more visit our warehouse color coding article.

    Color identification may be used as a level indicator on racking where each level in a rack bay has a unique color, so as the operative looks up, they can distinguish the level quickly and shorten their reading time.  It can also be used as a zone identifier particularly with bulk storage floor locations, aisle groups in racking and shelving is another.

    Another well represented use of color is with warehouse striping for staging lanes, bulk storage bays and walkways.  See our warehouse striping page for more information.

    Some customers use it for aesthetics for their in-house branding.

  • Can I have check digits?

    Yes, these are a common request from our customers looking for pick accuracy improvements.

  • Which barcode is best?

    The barcode you choose to use is dependent on your location or product reference data requirements.

    Although we are able to produce almost any barcode type you require, Code 128 is by far the most requested by the storage and logistics industry. This is impart due to the range of characters which can be used (128), being all digits, characters and punctuation and because of its data to size percentage, lots of data can be stored in this narrow width barcode.

    Code 39 is the next most popular, which is less useful in terms of characters it can encode, but it is great for its simplicity and ease of scanning capabilities. This is often used with operations handling product specific references and a need to work quickly.

    More recently we have been asked for DataMatrix and QR Codes which can contain huge amounts of data compared to linear barcodes.

  • I have a design already, can you copy it?

    Yes, if we have a sample or measurements and a good image we can copy your label almost exactly.

  • If you install the labels, what assurances can I expect?
    • Every label will be in the correct place.
    • Labels applied to the rack or shelf in a consistent manor for a uniform presentation.
    • If you have missed information from your location references, our teams will report back to ensure they are made and on site before the facility goes live, and hopefully applied before we leave site.
    • Barcode and content accuracy.
    • Barcode performance and verification guaranteed as an additional service.
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Color Coding Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency Color Coding Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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Pallet Rack Beams: information hotspot? Pallet Rack Beams: information hotspot?

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What is a 2D Barcode? What is a 2D Barcode?

Two-dimensional scanners were once far more expensive than linear readers, but recent developments and data needs have made the cost of 2D worth the investment, considering the benefits offered.

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