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Rack Load Signs

Warehouse identification and information signage is a specialty of ASG Services, our ability to design and create any type of warehouse sign means we often produce something which is suitable as a universal yet custom product.

Rack load signs are an informative sign, designed to provide information for the safe loading of racking. Our customers are typically pallet rack manufacturers, distributors and occasionally end users of the storage systems.

Information for the loading placards are supplied to us, from which we build the initial layouts for approval.


Rack Load Sign



Rack load signs are designed in conjunction with the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI).



Rack Manufacturers Institute


The institute is made up of rack manufacturers focused on the development of racking technology and safety. The members came together with ASG Services to create the standard rack load signs which are now used by members and are affixed in all new warehouse rack installations.

A combination of structure layouts and warning information, the notices provide advice and guidance, and with a racking bay drawing showing maximum weights and pallet positions. The signs are an excellent method of keeping your customer, site and employees safe.


Rack Capacity Sign Template

Rack Capacity Sign



Basic Rack Structure Depictions

Rack Capacity Depictions



Requirements As Detailed by the Rack Manufacturers Institute:


Use of Storage Rack Load Capacity Plaques

The use of and information included on load capacity plaques are governed by RMI’s American National Standard ANSI MH16.1: Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks, section 4.5. Additionally, ANSI MH16.1 is referenced by the International Code Council’s (ICC) International Building Code (IBC) as the standard for safe design and installation of pallet racks. Therefore, storage rack load capacity plaques are also typically part of state, county, and local jurisdictions’ building codes. Likewise, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) relies on RMI and ANSI MH16.1 for the design, testing, and utilization of pallet rack. This includes the use of load capacity plaques.


Information That Must Be Included

  • The maximum permissible unit load (the combined weight of product and its storage container or pallet) and/or maximum load per level.
  • The average unit load, if applicable. The calculation is the maximum total weight of product expected on all beam levels in any row, divided by the number of beam levels in that row.
  • Details about the total actual loading expected in interconnected bays.
  • The maximum total load per bay.
  • The number and spacing of storage elevations (levels) in the original system design.


Design Online

ASG Services developed a website in the mid 2000’s, specifically for RMI members to create their own rack load signs.

Following years of development and improvement, it became available for all customers to visit, register and use as a sign creator.

Once all your content is added to the design pages and you are happy with the look, you approve and place the order. An image is rendered and sent to our production team who produce and send the rack load signs direct to site or to your address.

Content is customizable, however it is in-line with the approved RMI format.


Design Rack Load Signs Online →

Load Sign Designer



ASG Sign Production

Rack load signs are produced on a range of materials, all of which are specified for durability. They utilize substrates to ensure maximum durability of the image for use in warehouses and distribution centers.

Contact us for signs being used outside. ASG provide UV resistant materials to cope with environmental effects of signs used outdoors.

Signs can be supplied with hardware for installation and can be included on larger products provided by ASG, where our installation teams are providing rack labeling, other sign products and striping solutions. They are often asked to fit the rack load signs along with these to help customers reduce cost and supplier numbers.

Large Rack Load Sign


Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI)

To find out more about the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) and the detail information relating to load capacity signs, visit the RMI website, which is part of MHI.

In the RMI website, you will find several documents for sale however the following are particularly interesting for people working with the safe erection and signing of racks:

  • ANSI MH16.1 is the Rack standard for the Design, Testing & Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks 2012 edition.  This document is written more for the design engineers.
  • Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks.  This guideline is written more for the operations or safety personnel that deal with industrial racking on a day-to-day basis.

RMI Logo


There is also an FAQ’s section on their website, where many questions have already been answered.  Click here to read more.

The Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) also have an FAQ’s section on their website which can be very helpful.

The RMI Rack Safety Blog is a great place to find new and relevant information for rack safety.



ASG Services support the Rack Manufacturers Institute and Material Handling Education Foundation Scholarship.  Read more about the MHEFI Scholarship here.



Rack Load Signs Rack Load Signs

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Max Load Labels Max Load Labels

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