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Clear-Coat Floor Marking

Clear-coat floor marking is a dual system designed to improve the lifespan of line striping, in logistics and distribution facilities.  Applied direct to, or after concrete preparation, the dual system floor marking and protective clear coating, withstands traffic longer than single element systems.


The internal line striping, used in logistics and distribution centers, endures intensive abrasion, far beyond that of parking lot and freeway striping which we all drive between, and rarely over. In addition, the pneumatic tires of road vehicles are more forgiving than the harder wheels used on material handling equipment (MHE).


Warehouse line striping is used to mark the busy congested area, to delineate storage bays, staging lanes, pedestrian walkways and clear zones. The nature of optimizing storage space in a warehouse means those areas are compact, therefore MHE travel across, turn on, drag pallets across and drive dirt into the line striping constantly.

Clear-Coat Line Striping


Clear-coat floor marking is the premium version of two of ASG Services’ most popular floor striping solutions. Available in two concrete preparation formats, clear coat striping is a dual coat system which protects and therefore elevates the solution durability.

  • Epoxy applied direct to concrete is a favorite of the logistics and distribution industry. It’s fast to apply, can be removed, and one of the most cost-effective solutions available. If used in conjunction with a protective clear coat, this method can theoretically last twice as long due to the double layer, without being twice the cost. Read more about direct applied epoxy line striping.


  • Similarly, ASG Services shot blast line striping is favored by those with a little more surety over facility layout. They can commit to a more permanent solution, so the floor is shot blasted, and a single system applied, which is a very tough option and used in some of the busiest facilities in the country. The protective clear coat can again potentially extend the lifespan to double that of the standard method.


Dual System Floor Striping


Additional costs are minimal. Applying the protective coat to either striping method is substantially faster than the initial markings, because all preparation, layout measurements and finishings are already done. A skilled installer can travel the lines quickly, adding the clear coat at speed.

The epoxy and urethane combination are tested and developed by our paint manufacturer, so we know chemically the system is sound, but also that the finished performance expectations can be achieved. Many completed projects over the years are testament to its success, with some customers returning over 4 years later for a recoat.

Clear-coat striping is used to great effect in areas where external facility materials or products may inadvertently spread across the floor. This accumulation will wear single systems quickly, as well as contaminate the lines, which can quickly darken a white, or yellow line.  With a clear over the top, cleaning is more effective with less damage caused to the color.



Project Installation Services


ASG Services installation teams are trained, insured and highly experienced in the application of industrial floor marking, as well as concrete preparation techniques. Completing projects ranging hugely in size, our teams are masters of adapting to the challenges of new facilities and active operations. They understand that preparation, accuracy and speed of application, are critical factors when completing successful line striping installations.

The teams travel throughout the US, carrying out floor striping installations. They are often in conjunction with rack label installations, hanging barcode sign installations, and other warehouse identification products, for a complete turnkey project solution.



Contact our office and speak to the specialists. They will be more than happy to answer questions, talk through your ideas, and look at drawings. This will help you begin the planning process and realize the considerations needed for a successful clear-coat floor marking installation.


Sprayed Lines


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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I clean clear-coat floor striping?

    Yes, you can clean clear-coat floor striping. Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial in extending the lifespan of your floor striping as dirt and debris acts as an abrasive, wearing the paint away.

  • How long does clear-coat striping last?

    The lifespan of clear coat striping depends on several factors such as the concrete preparation used, how harsh the working environment is, and how clean your floors are kept.

    Generally, a well-maintained dual system, over shot blasted concrete could last from 3-6 years before needing to be reapplied.

  • What is clear-coat floor striping?

    Clear-coat floor striping is a process of applying a clear protective layer, such as polyurethane or epoxy, over painted floor stripes. This is typically done in industrial and commercial settings to protect the integrity and longevity of the painted lines on floors.

    The clear coating helps to prevent wear and tear on the painted stripes from heavy foot traffic, equipment movement, and other potential sources of damage. It also adds an extra layer of durability, making the stripes more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and fading.

Want to talk?

We understand that there are many things for you to consider when looking at line striping options, not to mention the process of implementing the desired solution. Our sales and project teams are more than happy to speak with you, so you have the answers and can start the meaningful planning process.


Send your questions, ideas, drawings and anything else that might help us support your floor marking project. We will respond, and/or call to make sure you have everything you need to start moving forward productively.

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