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Metal Frame Floor Labels

Metal frame floor labels are a highly durable addition to a simple adhesive label placed directly on the floor.

Produced from aluminum, they are hardwearing enough to protect the label, but not damage the floor if impacted with a huge force.

ASG Services produce the location labels if required which are available in high definition print and full color design, complete with alpha, numeric and barcode data. We are also able to handle location files and vast quantities of variable data, making ASG a solutions provider.




ASG Floor Label Frame


Our high definition printing machines are the latest technology available and create high performance barcodes which are tested for verification, content and accuracy before leaving ASG Services.

Labels for metal frame floor labels are produced to the sequences dictated by the location file. With the right information and planning, this can be a major factor in reducing the time needed to install floor location labels.


Our frames are available in several shapes. The traditional shape is a rectangle, but more recently oval designs have become popular for their rounded edges. These reduce the possibility of the frame becoming damaged.

All are designed with a chamfered edge and counter sunk screw holes and produced from aluminum. Below is a range we provide.


Oval Metal Floor Label

Floor Label Screw Down Large Frame

Floor Label Adhesive Backed Frame

Floor Label Screw Down Medium Frame

Floor Label Frame 1-8


ASG Services installation teams are often required to install metal frame floor labels as part of larger projects or as full floor label projects. Their attention to detail and accuracy means the floor labels are correctly fixed to the floor for maximum durability, with the correct label in its location.

All of our installation teams are fully trained and insured to work on customer sites throughout the US and beyond.



Floor Label in Frame

Floor Label Frames Floor Label Frames

292 KB

Floor Labels Floor Labels

428.23 KB

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Frequently asked questions
  • Will your floor labels get damaged?

    Yes, floor labels are the most susceptible ID label in the warehouse, but they are tough and if used correctly can be extremely cost effective.

    We advise users to place the label to the left or right of a location entrance to help avoid continual impact, and where possible, that pallets and forks are lifted clear and that truck wheels are not turned while the wheel is on the label.

    You can drive over our labels all day, but like aluminum, frames and steel plates, if they are impacted unduly, they will fail.

  • Which barcode is best?

    The barcode you choose to use is dependent on your location or product reference data requirements.

    Although we are able to produce almost any barcode type you require, Code 128 is by far the most requested by the storage and logistics industry. This is impart due to the range of characters which can be used (128), being all digits, characters and punctuation and because of its data to size percentage, lots of data can be stored in this narrow width barcode.

    Code 39 is the next most popular, which is less useful in terms of characters it can encode, but it is great for its simplicity and ease of scanning capabilities. This is often used with operations handling product specific references and a need to work quickly.

    More recently we have been asked for DataMatrix and QR Codes which can contain huge amounts of data compared to linear barcodes.

  • What sizes do you supply?

    All products from ASG Services are custom made. We can supply any size, color and content required. Our online store lists stock sizes, for those looking to purchase basic items.

  • What is the toughest floor label?

    Embedded floor labels are the most durable we can provide.  Embedded labels are less likely to become damaged as they are below the surface of the floor, so they are driven onto and into the side of, so they are also less likely to be ripped off through impact.

    Embedded labels are not a cheap options, and must be cleaned regularly, but they can withstand steel stillages being dragged across them, which is the most damaging action we could test against.

    Other options include floor label frames and floor label protectors and where possible, we strongly recommend warehouse hanging signs.  All are available from our online store, or if your project is large, contact us for quantity based pricing and installation if needed.

  • Can I have check digits?

    Yes, these are a common request from our customers looking for pick accuracy improvements.

  • How can I stop a label being screwed up on the floor?

    Floor labels become screwed up when MHE wheels are turned while on the label. The adhesive and materials are tough, but the twist pressure is extreme.  Consider placing them to the side of a storage lane, or placing markers on the floor for drivers to hit before turning their wheels.

  • I want to drive over the labels, will they be ok?

    Yes, driving straight over them is fine. Turning on them or scraping pallets across them are the worst things you can do.

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