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Line Striping Drawings

Our warehouse line striping projects are typically the largest happening in the USA at that time, as such we place preparation work at the top of our priority list.

Customers usually have a predetermined layout before contacting ASG Services and most often present line striping drawings which depict positioning, dimensions and intricate detail, required for their distribution facility. These are frequently presented as computer aided design (CAD) drawings which our project management teams are able to work with to present areas scheduled for the warehouse line striping team to follow on site.

Occasionally ASG’s project management teams are required to create more detailed drawings from discussions and basic drawings received from the customer.  These are generally not to scale and may not contain intricate detail, however they do provide a formal basis for our estimation team to provide prices on and for the installation team to work from.

All final drawings receive sign-off from the customer before ASG’s installation teams start any work.  We understand changes may be required during the installation, however we always take official customer approval first.

You can discuss your requirements on warehouse line striping drawings, request pricing and installation dates by speaking to the specialists at our office.

Floor Storage Layout

Staging Lane Striping

Embedded Line Striping Embedded Line Striping

302.45 KB

Shot Blast Floor Striping Shot Blast Floor Striping

371.57 KB

Epoxy Line Striping Epoxy Line Striping

324.47 KB

Warehouse Striping Warehouse Striping

477.42 KB

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Frequently asked questions
  • What dimensions are typical in warehouses?

    The most common dimensions are in walkway widths (4ft), pallet lane widths (pallet type dependant plus the line width) and line widths (4”), but every facility is different and may need custom sizes.

  • Will I need to give you a drawing? How detailed should it be?

    For the most accurate price and planning, it is best to give us as much as possible, but it’s not essential, we can visit site and create a basic depiction for you for a fee. Having a drawing helps you visualize and us to plan and quote.

  • I want to change parts of the layout, what will I need to do?

    During an installation you can let our team know, they will get your requirements and pass them to the projects team who will re-plan and price accordingly.

    After an installation, again just let us know, we can remove, cover up and install during the same visit.  It’s not the end of the world but there will be cost.

  • Do line widths matter?

    Yes, for the following reasons:

    • The layout measurements
    • Lanes sizes for some pallet widths
    • Installation prices can be affected
    • A wide lines are typically more durable.
    • If you designate areas by line width.
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Durable Striping Durable Striping

The premium warehouse striping solution is ASG Services world renowned embedded striping.

Epoxy Floor Striping Epoxy Floor Striping

Unprepared floor striping is a term given to epoxy paint which is applied to the floor without any concrete preparation taking place.

Shot Blast Floor Striping Shot Blast Floor Striping

The preparation method used, of removing the concrete surface using a shot blast machine, combined with an epoxy resin compound or similar applied, is the most cost effective high performing solution available.

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