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5S and Safety Placards

ASG Services produce 5S and safety signs to suit the individual needs of our customers. Custom design, fabrication, and installation services are available under one roof.

Safety signs are available from many suppliers, even general retail. Ours are more specific to industry, warehouses, and distribution centers. Utilizing our custom design and production capabilities, we are able to provide 5S and safety signs to very specific requirements.

We also offer standard warehouse centric signs for fast delivery if needed. These are the type not widely available.

5S and safety signs are often included in a wider warehouse sign and label project, which also run together with our very popular warehouse striping services.

Red Fire Extinguisher SignGreen Emergency Exit


Custom Design


Our custom design services concentrate on clear messages and familiar imagery.

The purpose of a 5S board or safety sign is to quickly inform of potential safety issues in the vicinity or as an advisory message. They must grab a person’s attention and communicate swiftly.

Where images can be used to portray a message, we would highly recommend their use. Images and text are the most prominent methods of education after verbal, they reinforce and give reassurance.

Customer branding is a very important and popular addition to the signs we produce, so consider how you might integrate your corporate branding and message.

5S Shadow Boards



Materials and Production Methods


Once we have determined the design and content of the safety sign, we then consider the materials which can be used.

Internal facility signs are often produced in small format and because they are inside, a lower spec material can be chosen to save cost. Durability is never compromised, so we prefer not to use the cheapest materials available as they often fail quicker and look poor. PVC, aluminum composite and MDO are the choice for most.

Weather plays a major role in choosing external sign materials, and industry standards are always readily available. Aluminum composite is both durable and easy to work with, so the overall cost is more than acceptable.

Reflective options are also available for facilities who can utilize this upgrade.

Our fabrication methods allow for formations to aid use. The face of signs can be angled to improve visibility, and even infer direction.

ASG Services have invested in the latest digital imaging process, which removes image limitations of the past, speeds production time and allows us to create functional signs which are far more professional and appealing than in the past.


0-5" PVC Board ACM Sign Material MDO Sign BoardDigital Graphic Systems


Sign Installation Services


Safety signs are not generally a product the customer requires us to install as a project, however as part of larger projects, they are very common.

We are frequently asked to fit them during larger warehouse sign installation work in operational buildings and new construction. Along with warehouse striping and warehouse hanging signs, our teams have the hardware and skills required to fit almost any type of 5S or safety sign.

Our teams are fully trained and insured to work on all customer sites throughout the US.


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Sign Installations





Buy Standard Options Online


We have a range of standard items to purchase on our online store.  Visit the 5S warehouse signs page to see the range waiting for fast delivery.


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Caution Fall Hazard Behind This DoorCaution Watch For Forklift TrafficForklift Parking Instructions


Our happy clients
Frequently asked questions
  • Can I order blanks and labels separately?

    Yes, we supply all component items so customers can finish the signs themselves. It is rare we are asked but we appreciate that customers like to self-customize.

  • How long will it take for me to get my signs?

    Lead times are variable, owing to quantity, complexity and production volumes at the time of order. We prefer to work swiftly with every order since we never know the scale or quantity of the next, so you can be assured that we will not delay the process once your order is placed. We do typically aim for a 1-2 week turnaround from order confirmation.

  • How high should I hang my new signs?

    There are several things to consider with the height of signs, they are:

    ● Sprinkler interference –
    Signs should always be placed at sufficient distance from sprinkler heads to ensure the diffusion is not altered or prevented by the signs or rails. If hanging the signs above, this is not an issue.

    ● Block stack storage height –
    The signs will need to be higher than the highest stacking point, but you should consider here that if the signs are hanging behind the front edge of the stack, they will need to be higher still, due to the angle of sight.

    ● Scanner distance capabilities –
    Most modern scanners are equipped with long range scanning components, however this should be checked with the manufacture/supplier. If you want to test the distance before ordering, you might consider requesting a sample to perform on site tests.

    ● Sign/barcode size –
    In a simple explanation, the wider a barcode is, the greater the distance it can be scanned at. Having a wider barcode will need a bigger sign, resulting in a more expensive product.

  • I have an idea of how I want the sign to look, can you create a sample so I can test it?

    Absolutely, we would be happy to do with this with any order.

  • What color options are available?

    Almost any color can be supplied in board and character material. Customers looking to match company brand colors or a previous scheme can be accommodated with a huge range of color options to choose from.

    For those looking for more intricate designs or information and diagram signs, colors are unlimited.  We utilize digital print technologies for these which are almost limitless.

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