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Floor Labels

ASG Services utilize some of the most advanced machines and equipment for the production of barcode floor labels. The durability needed for a label being applied to the floor of a distribution center, is greater than any other label produced by ASG Services.

Our products are designed for ease of use. They are easy to read, to scan and to be as big as possible without making them susceptible to impact. Damage caused by forklift trucks is inevitable, so positioning of a floor label is just as important as how strong it is made.

Clear layouts, mono and full color print make our adhesive barcode labels unique to the customer. They are always fully customized as requested. Read more about our warehouse label designs.



Floor Labels


We offer several types of barcode labels, including high performance self adhesive, aluminum framed and temporary variations. Each type offers a specific benefit through durability, application difficulty and price.
All printed barcodes are laser processed using the latest high definition machines. This ensures the barcodes are created with the highest verification performance available.



The highest performance and lowest cost floor label, is our plastic composite range. These are a 7 part product combined in a thermal process. They are cheap and easy to apply, a great great option. Their strength comes from a combination of pressure heat treatment and non-tear base materials. They are not indestructible and they will become damaged, as with every floor label available, but they are exceptionally strong and used by many of the leading distribution centers nationwide.

Installation is made easy with a self adhesive backing. A number of adhesives are available for standard floors and cold store environments. All adhesive labels require the surface to be thoroughly cleaned before application. Frame protectors may be added for protection and require concrete drilling to anchor them. We can supply hardware for installation.


Plastic Floor Labels



Floor label windows are an ASG Services product, available in large and small quantities.  Call us if you are working on a large project, or visit our online store where you can buy floor label windows for rapid shipping.

Floor Label Window



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ASG Services installation teams are fully trained and insured to work on any customer site throughout the USA. Floor barcode labels are easy to install, however in large quantities it is often more cost effective to use our teams.


If you need samples or you want to speak to us about pricing and technical questions, please feel free, we will be happy to help. Click here for our contact details.


Warehouse Labeling Installation

Floor Label Frames Floor Label Frames

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Floor Label Windows Floor Label Windows

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Floor Labels Floor Labels

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Frequently asked questions
  • Will your floor labels get damaged?

    Yes, floor labels are the most susceptible ID label in the warehouse, but they are tough and if used correctly can be extremely cost effective.

    We advise users to place the label to the left or right of a location entrance to help avoid continual impact, and where possible, that pallets and forks are lifted clear and that truck wheels are not turned while the wheel is on the label.

    You can drive over our labels all day, but like aluminum, frames and steel plates, if they are impacted unduly, they will fail.

  • I want to drive over the labels, will they be ok?

    Yes, driving straight over them is fine. Turning on them or scraping pallets across them are the worst things you can do.

  • How can I stop a label being screwed up on the floor?

    Floor labels become screwed up when MHE wheels are turned while on the label. The adhesive and materials are tough, but the twist pressure is extreme.  Consider placing them to the side of a storage lane, or placing markers on the floor for drivers to hit before turning their wheels.

  • The labels get dirty and I can’t scan them, what can I do?

    It is essential to have a clean warehouse floor, particularly if you are operating a floor label system and have issues with floor marking durability issues. Labels can be cleaned, but will not withstand strong chemicals, which is why they are produced and priced to be a consumable item.

    Aluminum framed labels would be a better product if your floor is dirty, but any label on a dirty floor will have dirt on it at some point.  You many want to consider barcode hanging signs.

  • Which warehouse label can I use on the floor in a cold store facility?

    We produce self adhesive floor labels which are of a durable grade for use on warehouse floors, and we have combined these composite labels with special low temperature adhesive, which work in extremely low temperatures.  They are ideal of use in cold store facilities and freezer chambers.  We recommend you thoroughly clean the floor surface prior to application and only take the labels into the freezer once you are ready to apply them for maximum performance.

    Our high performance freezer adhesive is suitable for application at  -65ºF or -54ºC.

    Contact us and request samples.

  • What is the toughest floor label?

    Embedded floor labels are the most durable we can provide.  Embedded labels are less likely to become damaged as they are below the surface of the floor, so they are driven onto and into the side of, so they are also less likely to be ripped off through impact.

    Embedded labels are not a cheap options, and must be cleaned regularly, but they can withstand steel stillages being dragged across them, which is the most damaging action we could test against.

    Other options include floor label frames and floor label protectors and where possible, we strongly recommend warehouse hanging signs.  All are available from our online store, or if your project is large, contact us for quantity based pricing and installation if needed.

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