Warehouse Floor Striping Services

Initial Consultations

Many consider warehouse floor striping to simply be paint on floors, which technically it is, however those who use floor markings know how difficult it is to find a ‘durable’ method which lasts.

ASG Services provide several methods of warehouse floor striping, each with their own characteristics and prices. The simple fact is, for striping to last, preparation work must be carried out, this unfortunately increases the associated project cost.

ASG Services will talk through your requirements and usage needs which give us a better understanding of your desires. Following this, we can discuss access, budgets and other restrictions and propose accordingly.

Something we place particular emphasis on is concrete preparation. We will be very careful to explain this fully so you can discuss in depth and/or with your building owners. Some are not accepting of certain preparation methods, however we find with the right approach and information, many give the go ahead.

Design and Planning

The method of warehouse floor striping chosen will dramatically affect the duration and complexity of an installation, therefore the planning and design process is of extreme importance.

Our project team will work with the customer to create a final layout drawing, depicting the walkways, storage lanes, numbering and other floor marking designs. The importance of this is to provide a map which can be broken into segments showing how much can be installed per day.

Once this is established, the customer can arrange access, agree areas and allow ASG Services to begin preparations. This will also therefore provide the governance for the warehouse floor striping installation, however we understand that the unforeseen must be dealt with, we would approach this with maximum flexibility.

The schedule map will also show when areas are due to become available, helping customers minimize downtime in storage areas and freeing up valuable space.

Line Striping Installation Management

Floor marking projects often require considerable access and downtime for areas being worked. This means restrictions and the loss of valuable floor space for the customer’s operation.

Our installation teams operate under the guidance of the projects department, however they also maintain maximum flexibility and executive decision making. This is because, during the installation of warehouse floor striping, an installation team may be presented with extreme difficulties, with the substrate, coating systems, equipment and of course their customer’s operational requirements. This means they have to think and react quickly, making a decision and committing to it.

Any changes which happen along the way are reported to the projects department who evaluate and update the schedule accordingly. This is imperative when dealing with a 7,000 Lin/ft or 70,000 Lin/ft project. Both would be affected widely by the increase in cost percentage associated.

Our installation teams are fully trained and insured to work on all customer sites, not to mentioned, they are the same people who work in Florida, California, New York, Washington, etc. Our teams travel, simply because our teams are the best and our customers expect the best.

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