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High performance floor coatings are an ideal solution for the repair of old floors and protection of new ones.  ASG Services provide a complete specification, preparation and installation service ensuring durability and allowing the customer to concentrate on their business needs.

ASG Services utilize the latest technology in concrete floor preparation which is essential for floor coatings to perform and withstand the daily wear of forklift and MHE traffic.  Our equipment is designed to remove the smooth surface of a concrete floor, exposing rough and fresh concrete beneath.  All without causing dust thanks to our enclosed vacuum extraction system.

The purpose of concrete preparation is to help the paint ‘key’ with the substrate.  It improves performance and removes any contamination prior to the paint being applied.

A customer recently required 6100 square feet of floor coatings in their new distribution center.  The floor was brand new, smooth and with a glass like finish.  They needed our floor coating to create a barrier so any acid spills or oil leaks in the battery charging zone did not affect and subsequently damage the concrete floor.

The area to be coated was typical in size, which would usually take around 3 days to complete, however the customer also needed 1300 Lin/ft of diagonal warehouse striping to show that the area was hazardous.  The striping added another day on overall installation, however we were able to arrange the preparation and application phases to run simultaneously meaning we completed within 3.

We selected a solvent free high build two part epoxy system for the coating which is resistant to acid, chemical and oil ingress.  This is often a preferred system thanks to the way the paint cures.  With solvent based systems, once the paint has dried, there is around 40 to 60% of the material left on the floor.  This results in a quick installation but a low performance floor coating.  The solvent free two part epoxy uses chemical curing technology with minimal vapor release, meaning around 95 to 99% of the material remains.

Customers usually leave the specification elements to ASG Services, however we are happy to work with customer preferred products, but do not offer any assurances on durability when doing so, only on preparation and application.

We welcome your inquiries on floor coating projects you might be thinking of, contact us for an indicative price.

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