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ASG Services are specialist custom manufacturers of rack location labels. We produce rack labels for all types of companies with a common need for storing pallets on racking. Our specialist approach provides durable warehouse labels with high definition print for performance and capability in industrial environments.

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, the content, colors, material, and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a unique facility. At ASG Services, we produce designs in mono and full color print. Color rack location labels are used to help differentiate racking levels, storage zones and in some cases, product groups.

Our specialist software is developed specifically to handle mass variable data in multi field designs which makes it possible for us to print high definition barcodes, alpha, numeric and alphanumeric content with ease. We work closely with customers to establish the best design and content to suit their needs. Often customers will have a predetermined design, others can draw from our experience and archive for a custom design.  Read more about our storage location data management.

We utilize the latest print technology to create our rack labels. At ASG we believe a high performing barcode is critical to meeting the demands of the fast moving industry they work in. Barcode scanners have vastly improved in the past 10 years and will now scan most qualities of barcode, but not all facilities have the latest technology and performance, so we uphold this policy and produce the very best pallet location labels we can.

Advanced materials in label production are important for industrial use, ASG’s polyester rack labels are amongst the toughest available thanks to the characteristics of polyester. We find that polyester barcode label designs withstand more damaging impacts than any other base material. In addition, we also apply a laminate for customers who would like to protect the print further. The laminate is also high grade polyester.

The key performance benefits of the materials we use are:

• Polyester – the most stable material we use, it does not contract or stretch to the same degree as other materials such as vinyl, which is very important for barcode labels.

• Retro Reflective – a much greater amount of light is reflected making it easier for the barcode to be read and therefore, the rack labels can be placed much further from the scanner.

• Plastic – A composite label which is much harder wearing than regular polyester, however they are also more expensive.

Most rack labels can be produced as singles or on rolls. The way they are presented is entirely up to the customer, some prefer to have all labels on a roll which can prevent them being mishandled, others prefer singles as it is often easier to install them.

ASG Services is renowned for its installation project management services. We provide fully managed and insured installation teams throughout the USA who install rack labels on a daily basis. Their attention to detail and understanding of warehouse location number sequencing is essential in achieving the volume and accuracy they are capable of. We invite you to contact us and start your project discussions early. The more information we can share the better, such as considerations regarding your racking layout, numbering sequences and any operational restrictions. Contact us today.

Users of ASG Services Rack Labels

DHL use ASG Services P&G use ASG Services Nestle use ASG Services Publix use ASG Services

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