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Installation Terms and Conditions

Pricing – Timing – Scheduling


The installation price is calculated based on a single continuous phase installation unless otherwise stated, and includes associated labor and equipment costs.

1. Installation timings and pricing are based on unhindered access to the site. Unhindered access relates to:

  • Site access, including yard area, external and internal loading docks, all scheduled work areas.
  • Availability of security access, restroom provisions, waste disposal facilities and emergency equipment.
  • Time, being the required 10 hours (min) period agreed between the customer and ASG Services, required per day.

2. Any deviation from the agreed schedule of work which are not the responsibility of ASG Services, may result in additional costs due to ASG Services’ master scheduling conflicts, material shelf life, extended time required to complete the work, additional activities required and other unforeseen cost implications.


3. Added costs may be charged to the customer as a lump sum amount, or on a pro rata or additional daily cost basis. The method of charge calculation is specific to the type of work change required. Work changes may include but are not limited to, additional product, time on site, personnel on site, repair and rectification work not caused by ASG Services personnel, substrate conditions, delays caused by other contractors, preparation work not originally included and others.

4. ASG Services’ installation team’s work day comprises of 10 hours minimum, including break periods. As such, the 10 hour windows agreed prior to arrival, or by the installation teams on site. The 10 hours are always assumed to be during daytime working hours. Night working hours are considered a specific project requirement, as such they are priced for uniquely and in no way the same as daytime working hours.

5. Installation times and schedules will be written and agreed once we receive a purchase order or confirmation of order. We will also provide other documentation which reflects the work we are to carry out along with any additional requirements you may have.

Preparation, Cleaning and Removal


6. Installation prices are not inclusive of cost and time for the removal of any existing labels or other items which are obstructing the surface where our products are to be placed. This is considered a unique activity which should be requested specifically for ASG Services to provide pricing and scheduling in addition to the main scope of work. Label installation prices assume that racking is of a good and clean condition with smooth surfaces.

7. Surface dust will be removed from the beam areas where the labels are to be installed, prior to an installation. ‘Dust’ being light materials which can be easily removed using a dry cloth.

8. Installation prices are not inclusive of cost and time for the removal of any existing signs, sign support structures, hardware or other obstructions to the installation of ASG Services products. This is considered a unique activity which should be requested specifically, for ASG Services to provide pricing and scheduling in addition to the main scope of work.

9. Sign installation prices assume full access is available when attaching signs to walls, racks and other structures. Areas beneath the hanging points for hanging signs, should be sufficiently clear of personnel, vehicles and stock for unhindered scissor lift access.


10. Estimates for sign and label installations assume a ceiling height of 36’ or less, requiring 32’ electric scissor lifts, unless noted otherwise. If the ceiling height requires a taller scissor lift, or if access requires a boom lift, these will be provided at an additional cost. It is also assumed that the work area is completely cleared of all operations, product, debris, or other contractor activity, prior to the start of the project.

11. Installation prices are not inclusive of cost and time for the removal or repair of any existing floor marking method, including but not limited to paint, tape, concrete preparation, adhesive labels, signs or other methods and obstructions in the work areas. This is considered a unique activity which should be requested specifically, for ASG Services to provide pricing and scheduling in addition to the main scope of work.

12. Striping installation prices assume that all floor areas are clear of personnel, vehicles, stock and debris. If paint is being applied directly to the floor, we require the areas to be as clean as possible. If you would like ASG Services to provide a floor clearing/cleaning service, please discuss this prior to placing the order so we can provide a price and plan accordingly.


Installation Conditions and Access


13. Installation pricing does not include the use of fall arrest harnesses. If fall arrest harnesses are a requirement of the local site health & safety policy, revised timescales and charges may be required due to changes in productivity levels, based on the type of product being installed.

14. We reserve the right to increase the number of people per installation team where possible, which may result in a reduction in the total number of days required to complete the work. This would be to utilize personnel and scheduling reserve and has no impact on cost to the customer.

15. All internally painted areas require specific dry and cure times before they can receive traffic. These are based on the type of material used. Also, the humidity level, ambient temperature and slab conditions are critical. All will be specified in the estimate provided for the work.

16. Power and lighting is essential for our installation teams to carry out their work, therefore we ask that you inform us as soon as possible if there may be restrictions with either. A schedule review may be necessary which could affect the overall cost of your project.


17. It is assumed that the concrete slab has cured to a relative humidity (internal moisture level) of less than 85%. Any on site delays due to access or moisture levels in the slab will be invoiced at our daily rate, based on the equipment and number of people mobilized for the project.  If a paint fail is attributed to moisture levels after an installation is complete, any guarantees and/or warranty’s will become void. Any required remedial work will therefore be chargeable. For help, read out moisture level information sheet.

18. ASG Services are fully insured in all work carried out and for their product and materials, however it is expected that while our equipment and materials are on site, the same level of security is extended to ASG Services equipment and materials to ensure they are safe from theft and damage.

19. The estimated duration of installation projects are for guidance only. The actual time taken will be determined by the structured delivery which is dictated by ASG’s project management team to meet customer requirements.

20. Installations which complete within the expected period and/or before the completion date, will not be subject to a discount.


Production Lead Times, Rescheduling & Cancellation


21. Our production process includes providing designs and files to be confirmed before production can begin. We aim to have all prepared and ready to issue within 7 days of receiving your order. Production begins once you have confirmed all details (including design layout and data file) and is typically completed within 14 days following.

22. Pre-work on orders with installation should be complete 6 to 8 weeks before the scheduled start of the installation. Data files and layout approvals must be completed no later than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled installation start. Failure to provide data files or approvals may lead to installation delay or cancellation at the customers expense. This is typical, however may change to help suit the customer where possible.

23. Striping project lead and process times are generally 1 week for pre-work and planning with commencement of installation 6 to 8 weeks from approval of schedule and plans. CAD or other appropriate drawings are required for all striping installations. Failure to provide or arrange for appropriate drawings may lead to installation delays and/or cancellations at the customers expense. This is typical, however may change to help suit the customer where possible.

24. Cancellation of an installation and/or order must be done so in writing, this might be via postal mail or email, from a recognized contact within your company. Lack of communication by the customer may also be considered as notice of termination of order.


Installation Rescheduling


25. Where the customer requests a delay or cancellation to a scheduled installation, ASG will do everything possible to accommodate the change without additional cost, however if ASG Services are unable to cover vacated periods of time with other customer projects or activities, we will inform the customer of the associated costs and provide an invoice on which payment will be due as per our standard payment terms.

26. Total associated costs due to delays and cancellations may include labor, materials, custom product made in advance, mobilization, supplier cancellation fees, and any other associated costs of the project.

27. Delay requests and cancellations made within 14 days of the planned start date will be subject to associated costs.

28. All cancelled orders, at any stage, will be subject to associated costs.


Payment Terms


29. ASG Services payment terms are Net 30 for customers with approved credit, unless negotiated otherwise and confirmed in writing.

30. Payment in advance is applicable for all new customers, unless otherwise agreed. A percentage of the total quoted value of your order, may be required on placement of order. The percentage will depend on several factors including, credit history, reference reports and the total value. Ordinarily, payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.

31. ASG Services retain the title of any products or services provided until full payment is made, therefore ASG Services are entitled to issue additional charges for past due date payments. These charges will be confirmed once the payment date is missed and will typically be 5% of the total invoiced amount, per month thereafter.

32. Credit card payments are accepted with a 2.5% of total invoice amount charge, which will be added to your total invoice amount before payment is taken.




33. Shipping will be prepaid and added to the invoice unless other arrangements are made.

34. Expedited shipping is based on the time taken for our courier to collection goods from ASG Services and deliver them to our customers delivery address.  This does not account for production (lead) time, which is provided on our estimate document.


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