Warehouse Storage Location Data

As specialists in warehouse identification and marking products, ASG Services have vast experience in handling warehouse storage location data.

Customers most often provide data files generated from their warehouse management software (WMS) packages or supplied direct from their WMS providers following a detailed facility survey.

Our customers may present drawings or layouts of their distribution facility showing rack configurations, floor storage arrangements and/or the current location referencing. Using these details and with confirmation from the customer, we are able to build warehouse storage location data files which represent all locations required in order to produce products such as rack barcode labels and warehouse barcode signs.

Our experts are also able to create custom location reference files without prior systems.

Warehouse storage location data is usually very complex and extensive, for this reason ASG Services always involve the customer who must check and sign off the data before production can begin. As you might expect, this service comes with a cost, however it can speed the process and data is created in a suitable format with the need for reconfigurations.

We typically ask that customers supply data as excel documents if creating them in-house.

You can discuss this subject in more detail by calling our office and speaking with our storage location data specialists direct.

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