Magnetic Tags and Labels

The most reusable warehouse tag available is a magnetic rack label. They can be applied at almost any temperature, removed without mess or scraping, be reapplied without peeling and makes your location numbering system as dynamic as the rest of your operation.

Most magnetic signs are used for shelf and rack location labeling as well as temporary information placards. As such, we use our specialist software to design and create the most effective layouts for each use. Labels can also be produced in any size, so from the very small to the very large, ASG Services is able to design for every need. As well as mono and full color graphic print, the majority of our magnetic signs are produced with barcodes, alpha, numeric and alphanumeric content for use with warehouse management systems in distribution centers.

Using the latest print technology, we are able to produce vivid graphic displays as well as high definition intricate designs which perform to the high demands of industrial use, making them compatible with any barcode scanner.

Magnetic rack labels are typically produced from sheeted material which is supplied in 5 standard thicknesses, .015”, .020”, .030”, .045”, and .060”.  Each thickness offers varying levels of pull force, from 6.2 to 11.8 pounds per feet. This is often important for industrial use as it helps prevent the magnetic signs from being knocked off the rack beam or shelf edge.

Barcodes can be either printed direct to or applied to the magnetized material following the print process. ASG Services recommend the use of polyester and high grade vinyl for the barcode material to minimize barcode disturbance.

As a result of the magnetic tag production process, labels are typically supplied as singles, but thanks to cutting technology, they can also be supplied on rolls and as scored sheets. To help protect the print face, ASG can apply a laminate coating, which is very useful with movable ID products as the face is susceptible to damage during relocation.

Perforated magnetic rolls:
Perforated Magnetic Label

Organizations implementing large projects using magnetic signs benefit from ASG Services fully managed installation teams. Trained and insured to work on any customer site, they have the attention to detail and knowledge of numbering sequences to provide a successful warehouse labeling installation in record time.

For more information, ready about ASG Services storage location data handling and warehouse label designs.

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