Floor Coatings

Throughout the warehouse and distribution industry, ASG Services have provided floor coatings for new and existing facilities. Customers use coatings as a protective system or as a repair technique. Our methods are durable, resistant to oil and chemical spills, not to mention acid damage caused by forklift truck battery leaks.

All high performance coating systems must be applied over a prepared surface. ASG Services utilize specialist concrete preparation equipment to remove the surface which may have become contaminated over time or it could be brand new with an extremely smooth surface. Removing the surface provides a fresh and roughened finish which the coatings and paint systems key or adhere to with much greater effect.

A huge range of colors are available, our customers typically choose a grey for warehouse use and dark red for floor coatings in food preparation areas. Thanks to the materials we use, we are able to apply striping and other markings to the new coatings with exceptional performance.

Various designs of markings can be achieved, including:
• Staging lanes
• Hatch areas
• Walking men stencils
• Numbering
• Fire exits
• Storage lanes
• Dock bays
• Pedestrian walkways

With all floor coating projects, we prefer to see the surface before starting the project. However, we are also able to discuss substrate conditions in detail over the phone and provide quotations based on this conversation and understanding. Any concerns would be dealt with onsite reactively. The project teams would inform the customer of any additional costs associated.

Our project management team handles all coating projects and are always careful to plan an installation with particular attention to the customers operation. In new facilities, the operation is usually unaffected as it is not yet functioning, however in existing warehouses and distribution centers, downtime costs money. The project teams will present drawings with areas identified as ‘per-day’ work, allowing the customer to prioritize and schedule areas for a sequence which impacts least.

The installation teams ability to work to the floor coatings schedule and to adapt at the last minute makes ASG Services one of the most truly dynamic suppliers you can deal with. Their constant communication with the project teams and customers ensure everyone is up-to-date and able to respond to changes.

All teams are fully trained and insured to work on all customer sites throughout the US and beyond.

Daimler use ASG Services Exel use ASG Services RJ Reynolds use ASG Services Siemens use ASG Services

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