Rack Label Cover-Up Solutions

Label cover-up solutions for rack and shelf labels are the most cost-effective method of handling beam revitalization and system update projects.  Its most important for operations which utilize barcode systems to prevent scan errors, confusion and the reduction in work rates caused by both.

Where beams have been used for some time, we often find multiple layers of rack labels from legacy systems, previous reconfigurations and temporary sign applications.  Some of these layers are simply beyond help with most label cover-up solutions, however with preparation and enough smooth surface, we can provide the product to mask the old labels, as well as installation services if required.

Old Pallet Rack Beam Labels

Covering barcode rack labels requires a material which has sufficient opacity to prevent scan through.  Scan-through is where a barcode can be seen through the covering material which scanners are able to pick up if sensitive enough and most current scanners are.

There is no recommendation on how much covering you do, however, we always recommend a minimum of 6” either side of the new label to help reduce mis-scans and making it easier for operatives to see on the beam.

Rack Labels being Covered-Up

There are multiple color options with some choosing to use one which replicates the color of their rack beams, others go for plain white or light grey.  All materials can be supplied in sizes to suit your needs and as rolls or singles which will be dependent on the finish required and the volume of old labels to be covered.

Rack Labels Covered

ASG Services installation teams travel throughout the US, working on small and large projects, their professional approach and execution is refined by the preparation of project managers in-house who coordinate installations centrally from our offices outside Atlanta.  Our experience and understanding helps us work closely with customers who need swift progress with minimal impact to their operation.

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Renewed Rack Beam