External Striping

ASG Services are specialist installers of floor striping, including external warehouse striping. We provide an extensive range of marking products and signage, along with professional installation services which are project managed to ensure minimal disruption without hindering the deadline.

External warehouse striping is typically made up of several marking needs, generally including the following:

  • Trailer parking lots - Where facilities store trailers following unloading and retrieval prior to reloading for distribution.
  • Floor Stencils - Since tailors must be allocated, identification with numbers and characters are added to show the driver which trailer to take or where to park theirs.
  • Dock bay markings - These help drivers position their trailer more accurately during the reversing process. These also have numbers and/or character stenciling.
  • Hatched striping – these tend to be placed in areas where nothing should be stored or parked.
  • Walkways – Safety is an increasing concern in distribution center yard areas. This external warehouse striping need follows from internal markings where, walkways provide an identified passageway for pedestrians to follow and for drivers to identify and keep clear of.

ASG Services provide fully managed installation services to ensure every external striping project is delivered with the same meticulous consideration for the customer’s operation. Each project is broken into manageable blocks which can be completed per day. Each block is then allocated a day for the work to be carried out on with the customer, helping avoid significant disruption. This level of planning is crucial for safety and efficiency.

All external warehouse striping teams are fully trained and insured to work on all customer sites, they provide these installations on a daily basis which means they understand and appreciate the difficulties customers face and so work closely with them.

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