Cold Store Labels and Installation Services

ASG Services have worked closely with adhesive manufacturers and users of industrial freezer storage facilities to produce a unique cold store rack label which can be applied at -20oF. This has been a breakthrough for customers as it allows them to carryout warehouse labeling in freezers without heating the beams or increasing the facility temperature.

Freezer labels are designed to customer specifications or from tailored designs, generated from ASG Services’ vast experience and project archives. Mono and full color designs are possible thanks to continued investment in the latest high definition print technology. Our specialist software also allows us to handle large quantities of variable data used to create multi field freezer labels.

In conjunction with high performance materials, ASG Services also focus on high performance print. Barcodes printed using high definition machines outperform others in verification tests, which mean customers do not need the latest scanning technology to get a scan first time.

The most important element of ASG’s freezer labels are the materials. A plastic composite is the most popular as they offer supreme durability with a 7 part construction. Once applied, freezer labels are rarely removed, so the more durable they can be the better.

We believe the adhesive used is unique to ASG Services. The reinforced adhesive has an exclusive chemical construction which is key to such low application temperatures. Once applied, the adhesive bonds with such strength that it is incredibly difficult to remove the freezer label thereafter.

Our freezer labels have been applied at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the typical operating temperature of our customers facilities.

Installation of cold store labels is not for amateurs or temporary staff. ASG Services’ fully trained and insured installation teams are able to apply all kinds of warehouse labels on all customer sites. Armed with thermal suits and knowledge of the dangers working in freeze stores can bring, they give our customers piece of mind and a successful completion to the freezer label installation.

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